17/11/18 – Melaka – Malaysia

The starting was good at this coast colonial city. I arrived yesterday Friday for the weekly night market. Together with my finish roommate we had a taste of the local food.

At the hostel y borrowed a bike to move around and before my friend Tlaloc drop the rain on top of us I had visited a god overview of the city.

It is a city suffering a huge evolution right now. All the coast is under construction to built a huge deep port and many resorts, malls and other touristic attractions. However, the charm is in its old town with 2-3 stores colonial buildings and narrow streets.

In between the constructions there is a beautiful white floating mosque that stands over the sea. Not far from there the St. John Portuguese fort and in between there and town is the Disney Land area of museums and malls around the ruins of St. Paul in the hill.

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  1. Agnus says: Reply

    Hi Rod!
    Always inspiring…
    Greetings from Paris

    1. Rodrigo says: Reply

      I did not more than what please me.
      I feel lucky to be able to live this experience.
      Big hug from the other side of the continental Eurasia.

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