18/01/11 – Ferry Ende to Kupang – Indonesia

Back again to one of the cramp Pelni’s ferry. The more I sail with them the more their inhuman conditions disgusts me. I would encourage you to avoid sailing with them, but there are no many other options.

As I posted in previous entries, this is the site to check their schedules and prices. If you are travelling oversees you might need it. Pelni

The departing port may change site, so check it first at Pelni Headquarters in Ende, from there both ports are pretty close and both have some kiosks and warungs – “restaurants” – around.

To make the travel more pleasant, I brought some noodles, cookies, fresh water and tea bags. Food in the ferries is only rice with a little piece of fish. This time it was disgusting. I have tolerated many nasty foods in this trip, but I simply refuse to eat this one the second time I was offered.

The sail, once more, long and tedious. We were sailing in more open waters in rainy season. The vessel moved with the waves. What gave as a result people trying to sleep on the deck to avoid seasickness. Unfortunately for everyone, the rain pushed them into the corridors, making moving on board very uncomfortable. Not to talk about people puking everywhere. In between the discomforts of the trip, some kids crying and making noises all night long and an overheated deck.

ADVICE, try to get a place in the upper decks as are colder than the ones in the bottom. Also bring a sarong or lining for more comfort.

The trip between Ende and Kupang takes 26h. and has two stops, one in Sawa and other in Rote.

The arrival in Kupang is 14km away from town so is almost mandatory to catch up a public transport all the way to any accommodation. Motorbikes are about IDR 50k and taxis IND 70-100k. I got one for 10k though. It included an argument on arrival as the driver thought I was offering him 100k. Nothing I can’t deal with. I do not mean the payment, but getting rid of scammers.

One way or another I made it to Timor. I am one step closer to Australia.


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    You did it! Through your posts I feel you coming closer to me 🙂

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