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    This page is for you.

    Yes YOU! You, the ones that know me, the ones that came to be part of my life and my journey, the ones that follow this blog.

    Here you can express freely what do you think about me or my journey. Please contribute to my experience with your ideas, remarks and suggestions, no matter if they are bad or good. Feel free to write in the language you feel more comfortable.

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    Your opinions about myself will help me and the people I meet to know who/how I am. If you feel like telling the readers of this blog one of our adventures together, do it.

    Thanks a lot for being part of this my adventure.

    Ps: As the moderator, I will just ban inappropriate language and banners.

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    Here I’m once again creating a new blog. This time instead of talking about architecture i will post about my favorite hobby TRAVELLING. I’m willing to make a big trip which I’ve just start planing and I will love to record and share with you my life experience. Please be welcome to follow my adventure in this website and in the Social Networks linked. Feel free to comment, criticise and suggest whatever you feel like.

    Thanks for reading,