From Sevilla to Sochi

It took me long to decide how long I would stay in Europe, there are many places I want to visit and many friends to meet in the way. Finally I decided that crossing Europe shouldn’t take longer that a couple of month as my real goal is to discover Asia and Oceania.
First I thought of crossing the continent by hitchhiking but not to take to long I end up buying an Interrail Pass so I will be travelling by Train. Interrail ends in Poland so in Ukraine and Belarus and Rusia I will have to combine, car, bus and train to keep on going.
This schedule is a sketch of my journey and might change along the way. I am open and flexible to what it have to come. I am coming to cities I have never been so regarding if I like them or not I will stay longer or leave them behind.
In my way I hope to meet a lot of people and some friends from the past that are living in the cities I come. For this reason, if you are in any of the cities at the time I come, let me know so we can meet there. Like a friend of mine always says, “Compartir es vivir” [Shearing is living].
I do not know much about the places I am visiting and must of the information I found on the Internet is for the common tourist. I will love to discover the cities not only visiting the big cathedrals, city halls, past and modern architecture, but also getting lost in the cities and meet the daily culture. If you have any suggestion of what should I visit or where should I stay. Feel free to let me know as well.

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  1. Mehrgard says: Reply

    Saraye Mehrgard
    We are a family operating  Saraye Mehrgard which  is a local resort offering accommodation for  tourists. If you wish to know or learn about certain traditional local customs such as baking, cooking, and calligraphy,  we can provide them for you as well. 

    History and Location:
    Saraye Mehrgard is a 70 year old house attached to a  fruit garden, in the city of Mehriz which is located 35km from Yazd.  Mehriz is a historic city in which you will experience the local architecture as well as enjoying the local environment. • We can only accommodate a maximum of  5 guests.
    The “Saray e Mehrgard” is located in “Mehriz”-Yazd and the guest will be delighted to view such natural attractions as 2100 year old cypress trees,
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    as well as the Arg e Saryazd, a citadel, and a castle, the Mehrpadin both to wander into and around, just to name a few places and points of interest for the guest to enjoy simply by being welcomed at the “Saray e Mehgard”.

  2. Pedro Rosa says: Reply

    Sometimes one becomes explorer for others and that’s the beginning of self-exploration….
    Looking forward your news my friend

    1. Rodrigo says: Reply

      I’ll be waiting the day we meet each other again in the far east Pedro. So we can together explore and discover the other side of the world.
      Thanks for your support.

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