First consequences of a life decision

I decided my future couple of months ago. There’s always something inside of me that tell me I should live and this year after finding myself strong physically and emotionally, with no attachments more than the ones I create myself. Independent and after a hard year working to earn enough to start my travel, I decided it was the right time to do it.

It is easy to think about travelling around the world. We all I guess had someone the idea in mind. Every time I tell someone about what I am about to do, many of them answer saying that they would love to do the same.

At the very beginning the idea was so big that it was difficult to imagine what it really concerns. The first step was to follow blogs and social network accounts of people that have done or are doing the same: Nomads, travellers, adventurers and world explorers. I happen to meet people like that in Malaga City and through Couchsurfing so we can share experiences.

After reading blogs, guides and travel books I start finding out how to organise the journey. The aim, which is not mandatory is to go to Australia. First the idea was to do it by car with my Mini Cooper but getting a sponsor for BMW needed to much work I could not afford, neither the cost of the insurance or gas for the trip. So the better option to do it by land and see was to combine train, car, public transport, walks, hitchhiking by land and boats by sea.

I draw a first sketch of where I want to go on the way to Australia from the south of Spain.


The Journey

Having the idea of witch countries and cities I will pass on my way I created a Schedule of time and started regarding for the countries I need a Visa to cross the border. Visa is going to be a long story so I will leave it for another post.

Schedule in hand I started finding out which might be the best way to go from one place to another.

Other subject not to forget. Not only in order to get the visa, but to be save and leave without worries is to let every single documentation ready to be prepare for whatever it may happen. With that I mean

– at the journey:

  • Passport
  • Vaccinations
  • Health insurance
  • Liability insurance
  • Bank account(s) and credit card(s)
  • Driving licence
  • others

– And at home:

  • Legal aspects
  • Authorisations
  • Heritage
  • others

Some of them are easy to get, just need to present some documents at the right place and that’s it, others might need of compare fees and conditions and find the right and more convenient choice. However, everything concerns at least a little bureaucratic work and patience as it is not at all the must funny part of travelling.

Other aspect, not to leave to the last day is to start getting prepared to what means a long term travelling. I mean what o take with you and to be fit and emotionally ready to it, but that I will leave it for the next post.

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