Getting rid of everything!

A couple of weeks ago I started planing seriously my big adventure The Journey.

I want to travel around the world without an anchor that hooks me to a certain location, with no bonds that attaches me to somewhere, someone or something.
I want to start a journey without end as the goal is the journey itself, not the destination.
I want to feel free, independent, alive

For this, I started to get rid of all my material stuffs.

I have just start to sell little by little them in local second hand stores, or on the internet through websites like:
· Wallapop – Click here to see what I am selling
· Vibbo – Click here to see what I am selling
· ebay – Coming soon
I am donating to charity, clothes, and other outils.
I am as well giving my friends and the people that comes to me some books, videos (DVD’s), Music albums and others.
I am as well researching on how to do an open doors day at my place to sell the previews days of my departure what remains in my hands that I wont need once I start my journey.
I am as well looking for a spot in a local market where to install and sell all my belongings.

If any of you is interested on buying, or know someone that might be interested thanks for sharing.
In the other hand, if you have more ideas of how I can get rid of all my stuffs, please comment your ideas and I promise I will consider them.

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