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  • I am living

    Most of my friends, colleagues and the people that surrounds me, and for sure my family are aware of my future journey.


    Yes, I’m leaving in what I call a live journey.

    At my 30 years I want to achieve one of my dreams: To travel to Australia and New Zealand. I could just buy a flight ticket and book a hostel and arrange some tours around the oceanic islands. But not, this time I want to make it in a more fulfilling way. I have always been a wanderer and curious person thanks to my mother. She taught me to be sceptic and to observe and learn as much as I can.

    I learnt to travel and love to do it and to encounter new cultures, new people who open my mind by answering my questions with more questions and thoughts. This is what I want and for this reason I am going to travel to Australia over the surface of our amazing earth. I will avoid taking planes and try to travel by foot, snowboard, dromedary, bike, donkey, moto, horse, car, carriage, bus, guagua, public transport, train, turtle, boat, yacht, cruise or whatever transport that moves close to the surface of our world by land or water.

    My journey will star at my home town, Seville, the 1 of august and it will take me across Europe to Moscow, then across the middle East countries to India and through the South-East Asia to Indonesia from where I will get to Australia by boat.

    from Sevilla, Malaga to Australia

    I have not yet set a time to get to Australia as I expect to live the dream and work as a volunteer at several of the countries in my way there.

    Through this website I expect to register a logbook and communicate my family, friends – and followers – from all over the world my experiences along the way and also my future plans in case someone wants to join me or follow my adventure.

    “Happiness [is] only real when shared”

    ― Jon Krakauer, Into the Wild

    So if you are interested, be welcome to my adventure wherever you are, whomever you are and whenever you want. If you feel like joining me please leave a message.

    If you can give me any tips, advices, suggestions about my journey or even revise my writing, do not hesitate to comment in this blog. I will appreciate al kind of interventions.